The Company has set a strategy for its intensive business operations with a strategy to restructure its internal management focusing on human resource management and information system management to be more effective in order to increase the Company’s competitiveness as follows:

Focusing on the correct construction according to professional principles, providing comprehensive service, and creating quality work along with safety for operators with modern technology and promoting innovation in all aspects of work

Ensuring that the clients will receive the work delivered on time. and as specified in the construction contract in its entirety

By properly managing project costs and construction costs according to the planned so that clients can compete in the business

operating with good corporate governance principles Encourage all employees to comply with the Code of Conduct and together to protect the environment especially by taking care of the environmental impact on the community, society, and residents around the construction area at least.


For a long time, the Company has established and implemented a strong corporate culture, like constructing a tall structure where the most essential thing is to lay a solid foundation. In terms of business culture, when practiced and handed down from generation to generation, it may forge employees to unite together to develop and overcome hurdles in order to maximize work efficiency and effectiveness. In 2022, the Company established Syntec Core Values & Culture: Trees as a guideline for employees to adhere to, consisting of 5 items

the Company established Syntec Core Values & Culture: Trees as a guideline for employees to adhere to, consisting of 5 items

(Creative Teamwork)

implies that we are a team that works together and supports each other, that we utilize the power of the diverse people within the team, that we use each individual’s skills and knowledge to create results to achieve the organization’s goals, that we feel connected, that we are proud to be a part of the organization, that we feel a sense of belonging, and that we are fully engaged to deliver commitment and quality work.

Respect & Transparency
(Work with Trust, Confidence and Transparency)

means respecting, valuing, and caring for basic human rights, understanding each person’s diversity of thought, demonstrating mutual respect, communicating with an
understanding of each diversity, including expressing opinions directly, clearly, openly, and honestly, performing duties with ethical responsibility, regularly checking the work, but not disclosing the organization’s confidential information to competitors’ businesses.

(Caring for and understanding one another)

means understanding and sharing the same emotions and feelings as others through empathizing with their emotions and feelings. How would we feel and be mindful of the requirements of our stakeholders if we were in the same circumstance?

Excellence Operation
(Strive towards job excellence)

means focusing on organizational excellence by developing more efficient, systematic work processes that allow employees to work smoothly and clearly in their responsibilities and where improvements are needed, improving work processes, staying up to date, and having a conceptual framework to solve problems that will arise in order to strive for operational excellence and add value to the organization.

Safety & Quality First
(Taking safety and quality standards into consideration)

means operating with safety and quality as the first priority, striving to build a safety culture, continuously improving safety processes, providing a safe and healthy workplace, including taking into consideration the quality of work to gain confidence in customers and all stakeholders, creating quality work standards by controlling the quality of work processes in every job to create a competitive edge in competition.