To be a leader in the construction industry with efficiently continuous improvement in quality, time, cost, safety, social responsibility, and environment.

To be ranked in the top 5 leading high-rise construction companies in Thailand.
“One Stop Service” provides comprehensive construction services including piling work, structural work, and system work.
“Smart Employee” creates and develops quality personnel ready for change with the principle of RUR as follows:
R: Reskill creating new skills necessary to work in accordance with the needs of the organization.
U: Upskill upgrading existing skills to be better to support future growth; and
R: Relearn continuous learning to find new knowledge to replace old knowledge
“Happy Work Place & Life” takes care of employees to work happily in an organization equipped with a workplace that can inspire creativity, creativity, and a career path that responds to passion in the work of each individual employee.
“SYNTEC Standard” creates jobs with the same level of standards throughout the organization.
“Agile Model-Driven Development” improves work processes for higher efficiency and reduces unnecessary work processes for increased flexibility in work.
“Cost Control” reduces company costs with technology and improves work processes
“Digital Transformation” adapts itself to the digital age with technology to make work easier, more convenient, and more efficient.